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‘The Death of an Egalitarian Ideal’

A critique of Academy schools

8th FEBRUARY 2011

As MPs debate the second reading of the Education Bill, The Liberal magazine publishes a detailed critique of the government’s plans for academy schools. Simon Kovar, a teacher and author of the influential essay ‘The Neo-Liberal Democrats’, offers an informed and impassioned defence of comprehensive education, arguing that – contrary to the coalition’s rhetoric – the new policy represents a challenge to democratic accountability, one that ultimately will lead to ‘The Abolition of State Education’.

Welcoming Mr Kovar’s contribution, the editor of The Liberal, Benjamin Ramm, said: “The dismantling of the comprehensive system marks the death of an egalitarian ideal. Until recently the Lib Dems stood for ‘a good local school in every community’, funded centrally and administered locally. The erosion of this vision impoverishes future generations”.

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