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Coalition Leaks

Editor’s reaction

23rd DECEMBER 2010

Responding to the latest disclosures from The Daily Telegraph, the editor of The Liberal magazine today criticised as absurd Norman Baker’s claim that the Lib Dem position in coalition was comparable to that of the late liberal anti-apartheid activist Helen Suzman, a contributor and advisory board member of The Liberal. Benjamin Ramm said: “Helen Suzman was not “in” the apartheid regime; she fought it passionately, and often effectively, in the face of extreme hostility. Norman Baker’s vain, careless comments are a cheap distortion of history, and show how divorced from reality the Lib Dems have become”.

In addition, Ramm questioned Mr Baker’s claim that he “almost resigned” over the matter of a three-fold increase in tuition fees – a policy the MP pledged against, and describes as “pretty horrific” – when Baker did not even take up the option of abstention, as offered in the coalition agreement. If Mr Baker is sincere in his opposition to higher tuition, what assurances did he receive in return for his vote?

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Click here for ‘Remembering Helen Suzman’ (1st January 2009).


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