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Helen Suzman: Visions of a Liberal Future
Stephen Twigg on an oil trust fund for Darfur
Marina Warner: ‘On Myth’
Peter Tatchell: In Praise of Somaliland
Benny Morris explores Israel at the Crossroads
Bryan Appleyard: Poetry and the English imagination
Book reviews from Michael Hamburger and Ronald Wright
New poetry from Ruth Padel and Ben Markovits

The Spectre of Jihad

By John Thorne

Somewhere inside the building, a young man with explosives strapped around his midriff sat listening. He could hear the wails of sirens, the jeers of the crowd, the thudding of a police battering ram on the door below. He had heard the gunfire that morning, and the two claps of thunder when his friends left him. Now he had a choice to make. [more]

On Myth

By Marina Warner

Writers don’t make up myths; they take them over and recast them. Even Homer was telling stories that his audience already knew. If some individuals present weren’t acquainted with Odysseus’s wanderings or the Trojan War, and were listening in for the first time, they were still aware that this was a common inheritance that belonged to everyone. [more]

Beyond Liberty

Review by Simon Kovar

Beyond Liberty sets one foot firmly outside the liberal tradition – and it is not too sure what it wants to do with the other. Above all, it is not clear whether a liberalism that no longer stands primarily for liberty stands for anything very much at all, or for that matter can or should be described as liberalism. [more]

Anatole Kaletsky

The Paradox of Plenty

Why have almost no African countries managed to achieve the sustained economic development which has lifted billions of people out of extreme poverty in east Asia? There are three inter-connected explanations: war, corruption, and the curse of natural resources. [more]

 Peter Tatchell

In Praise of Somaliland

This year’s civil war in Somalia has killed thousands of people and created over half a million refugees. In contrast, the north-west breakaway region of the Republic of Somaliland is an oasis of peace, stability and progress in the Horn of Africa. [more]

Godless by Ann Coulter

Review by Christopher Hitchens

I have the distinct feeling that people do not buy Coulter's creed-screeds and speed-reads in order to enhance their knowledge of history or their command of syllogism. [more]

The Poetics of Freedom

By Joanna Tatchell

It was a contact in Stockholm who first alerted Nabeel Yasin to the weblog in May this year. “There is a posting from a man named Abdul Karim Kadum. You won’t like what's in there, but it's something you must read”. [more]

Not a gentle kind of Zen

By Ed Smith

I had approached Zidane – a 21st Century Portrait with some trepidation, as I didn’t expect to be much bothered about a real-time replay of the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal on 23rd April 2005. How wrong I was. [more]

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