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Issue 12: The Authority of Liberty

Danny Postel on Iranian liberalism and civic consciousness

Sarah Churchwell explores ‘liberal’ Hollywood

Peter Tatchell charts Uganda’s new tyranny

Xiaolu Guo: Blasting the Past in China
Terry Eagleton
: On Reflection

New poetry from David Constantine, Kathryn Simmonds and John Fuller

Issue 11: Islam in Africa

Helen Suzman: Liberalism after Apartheid

Comment from Gillian Slovo and Anatole Kaletsky

Benny Morris: Israel at the Crossroads
Essays from Marina Warner, Bryan Appleyard and Michele Wallace

Michael Hamburger reviews Günter Grass’ Peeling the Onion

New poetry from Ruth Padel and Ben Markovits

Issue 10: The Russian Restoration

Garry Kasparov critiques Putin’s ‘sovereign democracy’

An interview with Akhmed Zakayev

Sergei Roy reconsiders the February Revolution

Simon Sebag-Montefiore on Lenin’s heir

New music from Alexander Prior

New poetry from Robert Conquest and Carol Rumens

Issue 9: Revisiting Spain

Christopher Hitchens reviews Ann Coulter’s Godless

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s ‘Portrait of a Heroine as a Young Woman’

Stephen Hart celebrates the poetry of César Vallejo

Susan Kramer MP on aid, trade and globalisation

New short fiction from David Constantine

New poetry from John Kinsella and Michael Hamburger

Issue 8: On Colour

Harold Bloom reviews Philip Roth’s Everyman
George Steiner: The Idea of Europe
Jeremy Thorpe celebrates the centenary of a Liberal landslide
Terry Eagleton explores a history of anarchism
New short fiction from John Burnside
New poetry from Owen Sheers and Fiona Sampson

Issue 7: China & the Chinese diaspora

Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian on the author as émigré
Xinran and Liu Xiaobo report on developments from the mainland
Slavoj Žižek surveys the Paris riots
New short fiction from Yiyun Li
New poetry from Yang Lian, Chinua Achebe and Peter Porter
Book reviews from Francis Wheen and George Szirtes

Issue 6: Party Conference season

Terry Eagleton: Terror and the Sacred
Wole Soyinka laments Sharia in Nigeria
Roy Hattersley reconsiders the Edwardian Liberals
Matthew Parris travels down the rivers of Peru
New fiction from Michel Faber
Book reviews from Helen Oyeyemi and Chris Huhne

Issue 5: Physics & Metaphysics

Martin Rees marks Einstein's annus mirabilis
Slavoj Žižek critiques the ethics of biogenetics
Andrea Dworkin on Abu Ghraib and pornography
Luqman Ali: Islam and the originative imagination
New poetry from Simon Armitage and Sophie Hannah
New music from Michael Finnissy

Issue 4: General Election special

The Politerati (including AS Byatt, Will Self and Richard Dawkins)
Party Pieces from MPs Michael Gove, Ming Campbell & Glenda Jackson
Elaine Showalter on the struggles of Susan Sontag
Peter Hitchens: The Abolition of Liberty
New poetry from Ariel Dorfman and Al Alvarez
Book reviews from Germaine Greer and Terry Eagleton

Issue 3: The Forgotten Continent

Richard Gott on a Latin American indigenous renaissance
Johann Hari examines the dark face of John Paul's Papacy
Alex Bellos: Saving the Nation
Vincent Cable liberates the market
In conversation with Theodore Zeldin
New poetry from Dannie Abse and Neil Curry

Issue 2: Bush’s Second Coming

Noam Chomsky responds to Paul Berman
Robert B. Reich & David Aaronovitch on the crisis of American liberalism
Terry Eagleton celebrates the late Jacques Derrida
AC Grayling: Against Monogamy
Claire Fox on the tyranny of instrumentalism
New poetry from Clive James

Issue 1: A Liberal Alternative?

New short fiction from Hanif Kureishi and Sophie Dahl
Paul Berman offers a critique of Noam Chomsky’s politics
Daniel Barenboim and the West-East Divan
Shami Chakrabarti: Nothing to Fear?
Ziauddin Sardar reviews Bernard-Henri Lévy
Percy Shelley’s ‘Defence of Poetry’ finally appears in The Liberal